Are you a Freelancer?


We regularly receive requests from freelancers and organisations for freelance assignments. In order to serve these freelancers and clients efficiently and professionally, Triple A – Risk Finance Belgium partners with GIGHOUSE who provides a platform for matching freelancers with freelance assignments. In the GIGHOUSE app, you can easily create your freelance profile or post a freelance assignment for free. GIGHOUSE powered by Triple A – Risk Finance, will look for the perfect match for you.

Looking for the ideal assignment?

Download the free GIGHOUSE app on your smartphone, create your profile in a few clicks and one of our staff will contact you to offer you assignments that match your strengths. As a freelance actuary, risk manager or data scientist, you will additionally enjoy the benefits of our community “GIGHOUSE powered by Triple A – Risk Finance“.

Want to know more or subscribe now? Download the GIGHOUSE app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Need a freelance consultant?

Post your vacancy quickly and easily on the GIGHOUSE portal and Triple A – Risk Finance will immediately search for the ideal profile to match the vacancy: From junior to senior actuaries for the life insurance, non-life insurance, pension, health, investment, IFRS 17 reporting, risk management, data analysis and project management sectors. Registration is free, you only pay for the services provided by the consultant.

Want to learn more or register now? Go to GIGHOUSE and click on “Login client.”

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